The Treegeneration of Mother Earth

It is a simple incontrovertible fact that planting trees is the most positive and impactful thing any individual person can do for the environment and the climate.

Trees resurrect dead soil and make it fertile again, replenish the water table along with wells and streams, restore biodiversity and when planted as forest gardens in developing countries, feed the poor, empower women and allow children to receive an education.

Scientists estimate that there is enough available land to plant 517 billion trees and these trees would sequester over ⅔ of all the carbon in the atmosphere. And unlike other solutions to climate change and environmental destruction planting trees does not require the permission of corporate controlled governments, profiteering oil companies, agribusinesses or anyone else. 

Anyone can plant trees.

It doesn’t require fancy technology.

It doesn’t require law changes.

It doesn’t require much money (it costs 10c-30c per tree). 

It simply requires an inspiring vision to bring our communities together in celebration of our power to serve protect and treegenerate Mother Earth.

One Trillion Trees is that inspiring vision.

We are donating 80% of our net profits to Trees For the Future & The Fellowship of the Trees. So when you buy a ticket to Wild World you will be both celebrating this inspiring vision and donating to the treegeneration of the planet.

One Trillion Trees - a flash mob poem by Chris Paradox

 (Join us in performing it Saturday night at The Globe and Sunday night at Earth Roots)

One Trillion Trees

One Trillion birds

One Trillion bees

The treegeneration of Mother Earth

One Trillion seeds

A brilliance of biodiversity

Reversing climate emergency

With abundant soil fertility

And the unbelievably fecund versatility

Of a fundamentally sound ecology

And humanity responsibly

evolving to be



Through the mystery

Of One Trillion Trees

One Trillion Trees can turn deserts into forest gardens

Sequester 100% of all atmospheric carbon

Feed every single one of our starving

And finally get our consciousness evolution started

One Trillion Trees can protect our precious biodiversity

From the idiocy and perversity

Of allowing greed to extinct species

I beg you, please

Be reasonable

Plant One Trillion Trees

Yes, it is feasible

It’s not beyond our grasp, it’s reachable

This is one of those times in life when life teaches you

That planting trees as forest gardens is absolutely impeachable

This isn’t my idea, seriously

This really isn’t about me

Believe me, One Trillion Trees

Is the brainchild of those beautiful things with leaves

See, I was kinda born under a tree

I’m kinda a tree devotee

So they kinda talk to me, like a lover

And they care for me, like a mother

They remind me, there is no other

So to me a tree is a symbol of unity

Trees are the epitome of beauty

And deep in my heart I feel it’s my duty

To help you see what I see

And I see the trees telling me

That together, in reality, we can actually

Save the world

by planting One Trillion Trees