Wild World is a community arts experience.

Where sharing your dreams, loves and insights becomes part of the journey.

You have a range of workshops and performances in the creative arts included in your roaming ticket.

You can then book your desired specialist workshop in a skill such as song writing, poetry, or basket weaving.

There is a range of exciting performance to choose from included in the roaming ticket, with ticketed evening performances featuring exceptionally talented Musicians and Performing Artists.

Music around the fire in the Ancient Sun lodge Tipi, Pachamama is a wonderful way to relax in the evenings while listening to a group of muso's enjoying a musical journey by fire light.

Theatre and Cabaret abound in the All The World Stage, with daytime family shows and fun mixed genre entertainment in the evenings.

Gaia in the lower garden, is perfect for Yoga, cacao ceremonies and dance adventures with capacity of 100.

Terra venue gives a range of creative arts classes, in workshops such as theatre and mime, story telling and rap and beat boxing.

Ki venue, furthers the creative journey with breath work, sound healing and Kirtan.

Planet Happy is a venue centred around children's creative arts, with fooling and clowning, discos, hoola hooping, children's Kirtan, and laughter Yoga.

Earth Roots provides a wide range of mixed genre performance free as part of the roaming ticket during the day and ticketed in the evening.

There is a range of venues offering free workshops in the creative arts as part of your roaming ticket. Look out for the programmes offered in The Mothership, Third Rock, and Home.

Do visit Hearthcrafts where there is a range of free and ticketed specialist craft workshops in everything from felting to charcoal making.

Ethical solutions, services sumptuous super food snacks and drinks, while speakers give a range of interesting and inspiring talks on climate solutions.

Inside the Globe Theatre, dance and sing during the day with super switched up dance and song workshops. With an all evening extravaganza each night of head line marvels.

Design your own unique event experience.

Wild World, an exploration into the creative you!

One Trillion Trees

Wild World  is a joint production of One World Performing Arts & One Trillion Trees CIC

One Trillion Trees CIC is partnering with Trees For The Future, The Fellowship of the Trees & Ecosia (who together have already planet over a quarter of a billion trees) to help reverse climate change, renew the environment, end hunger and poverty, restore community and the sacred bond between humanity and nature by planting One Trillion Trees and Treegenerating life on earth.